Snow survey – Winter of 2022/2023

To: VPTA Community Members
From: Sherry Frederick, VPTA Board Chair
Re: A Survey: The snowy winter retrospective
Date: May 22, 2023

VPTA Community,

Winter ice storms, snowfalls, and the endless plowing are over. The snowing, melting, snowing, melting – done. I am writing to thank you for your tolerance, good humor and resiliency in enduring the winter.

In early December, FSR sent out an Update on Snow Plowing and Parking Restrictions. It was the Board’s attempt to answer how as a community we work to manage the upcoming winter? It had details and answers to a host of questions that had come up. It also spelled-out Mangold’s contracted role, the roles and expectations of each of us, and the snow storage plan. Thank you, again.

Below is a survey. We would like your feedback and view on how the winter snow management was handled? Also please identify areas of possible improvement? Please respond in writing (typed) in an email to Erin Jayasuriya at RSF with “Attention: VPTA Snow Survey” in the subject line. Here are two simple questions? The Board wants short answers, no essays.

Thanks for your time.

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The VPTA master contract with Mangold addresses, landscaping, lawn work and snow plowing and removal. The specific provisions include provisions for opening up the roads for passage, followed by driveways, sidewalks and roads again. The key trigger is 1.5 inches of snow. In your estimation, how did Mangold do this past winter? Give us - Mangold and the Board together - a grade A-D here.
How would you rate the quality of Mangold’s work? Grade A-D:
How satisfied were you with the speed that Mangold removed snow from your driveway/sidewalk? Grade A-D